Linea Pro


Linea Pro

Linea Pro is our most versatile machine at the best price. It is prepared to spread open fabric, with cut or zigzag, tubular fabric, face to face and most importantly it can be adapted to any special spread the customer may need.

Linea pro was born from the union between the freshest technology and the most earned experience, it was specially designed to cover all our customers needs.

Linea Pro is an automatic spreading machine with the best spreading quality in the market. Supplied with a built-in “cradle”, a single conveyor belt across the useable width of the machine. It can unroll any type of fabric quickly and naturally preventing marks on delicate fabrics caused by the partial tension from conventional multiple belt systems.
Linea Pro complies with strict EU safety standards.

  • Equipped with robotic technology.
  • Automatic check control system.
  • Speed variation from 0 to 100 metres/minute.
  • High-speed cutting variation.
  • Feed by highly sensitive infra-red sensor.
  • Intelligent detector at end of stack with return to load point.
  • Automatic spread height detector.
  • Machine driven by four-wheels.
  • Software program to connect the zigzag with cut.
  • Feeding system by “cradle”, a single conveyor belt.
  • One piece conveyor belt system that prevents marking the fabric and problems caused by loose threads falling between rollers on multiple conveyor belt system.
  • Automatic threading and unthreading.
  • Fabrics rewinding to remove faulting or colour variation.
  • Device to spread the other side of the fabric roll.
  • Programmed feeding.
  • Control panel with colour digital touch screen.
  • Digital touch screen with parameter and information of functions.
  • It can perform normal, programmed and scale spreads.
  • Self-adjusting brakes ramp according to spread of machine.
  • Adjustable acceleration.
  • Safety brake in case of power failure.
  • Maximum roll weight recommended: 100kg.
  • Maximum diameter of the roll: 60cm.
  • Maximum height of the spreading: 22cm.
  • Maximum height for manual loading: 1.40mts.
  • Power consumes: 2.1kw.

We reserve the right to make any technical modifications.

  • Remote EWON connection for technical assistance
  • Spreading in zigzag.
  • Spreading with adjustable high speed cuts with or without mobile clamp.
  • Program to count meters per roll, working time and total meters per spread.
  • Spreading in tubular fabric roll; or in book-folded.
  • Double feeding for roll spreading.
  • Roll support by traditional bar.
  • Intelligent control handle.
  • Double belt.
  • Double belt “folding cradle”.
  • Additional programming for number of lays and number of lengths.
  • Fast roll loader.
  • Smooth, air blowing, conveyor and vacum tables
  • 3 different types of transfer table for machine: manual, manual on rails and motorised on rails.
  • Rails and operator’s platform.

  • The wide range of options go from the one with support bar to the one with double band folding cradle:
  • The support bar is indicated for spreading big rolls with non-elastic or paper material.
  • The single travelling band cradle is design to spread any kind of fabric.
  • The double travelling band cradle is specially appropiate for delicate and elastic fabric.
  • The double travelling band folding cradle makes easy the loading of the roll and is appropiate for elastic fabrics.