One ply feeder to use mainly with conveyor. It is specially designed to spread material for the car industry and for home furniture.

Fabric feeder for one single layer, preferably to be used with an Autex conveyor cutting table or any automatic cutter in the market. The Autex Monocapa feeder is stationary and solid, working with an electronic cradle that allows tensionless feeding of fabric onto the table or automatic cutter intermittently or constantly until the roll is finished.

MONOCAPA is the ideal fabric feeder for industries of furniture production, car seats, suit & shirt manufacturers, among others which require cutting many different types of materials quickly, reliably and safely.

  • Color touch screen control panel
  • Fed via highly sensitive infrared sensor
  • Feeding system by way of cradle with a ONE PIECE DOUBLE CONVEYOR BELT
  • Self-loading cradle
  • The one-piece double conveyor belt system PREVENTS FABRIC MARING and problems caused by loose threads falling between rollers of multiple bands conveyor belt systems
  • Automatic threading and unthreading of fabric
  • Fabric rewinding if you wish to remove it because of faults or color variations
  • Device to spread inversely rolled fabric rolls
  • TFS (Tension Free System) Dancer bar for spreading elastic fabrics without tension
  • Pressure bar on exit for improved spreading of light or very elastic fabrics

  • Improved inverse feeding additional roll
  • Roll bars covered in rubber for improved feeding
  • End of fabric on roll detection system
  • High speed cutter
  • Meter counter
  • Versions for rolls up to 100kg, 300 kg, & 1000kg.

Single layer fabric feeder to be used preferably with a conveyor. It is specially designed to extend upholstery in the automotive sector and domestic furniture upholstery.