Laser cutting and engraving of acrylic

Eurolaser offers you especially developed CO₂ laser cutter for acrylic
CO2 laser systems are an ideal tool for the cutting and engraving of acrylic. They are characterized by very high precision and are suitable for both extruded (XT) and cast (GS) acrylic glass. All commercially available acrylic brands (such as Plexiglas®, Perspex®, CRYLUX™, CRYLON®, Altuglas®, Acrylite®) can be excellently cut with CO2 laser systems of eurolaser.

What are the advantages of laser cutting of acrylic (Plexiglas®)?

  • Crystal-clear, smooth cut edges in a single operation (no flame polishing necessary) – even in inner contours
  • No need to clamp and fix of acrylic sheets
  • Less breakage and waste through contactless laser cutting
  • No acrylic chips – less contamination and reduced costs
  • Practically radius-free cutting of inner contours in almost all acrylic glass
  • Acrylic processing with protective film possible – no damage to the material
  • No tool wear and thus, a constant high cutting quality

What added value have eurolaser cutter in acrylic processing?

  • Combined acrylic processing with router and CO2 laser possible on one machine
  • Unique variety of table sizes – suitable for all standard acrylic sheet formats
  • Automation functions for optimal utilisation of cutting systems
  • Special table construction for optimal cutting of acrylic without reflections
  • Excellent exhausting of emerging PMMA gases– Filtration possible
  • Camera recognition for laser cutting of printed PMMA sheets
  • Large format engravings (also reliefs) over the entire processing area

Material information for laser cutting and engraving of acrylic:

Acrylic or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a synthetic, glass look thermoplastic material which is thermoformable. This plastic is ideal for cutting and engraving with CO2 lasers. Most applications are the advertising industry as well as signage and labeling sector. The laser systems of eurolaser can process clear, colored, structured, mirrored and silicate-coated PMMA or Plexiglas®. It can be operated both extruded (XT) or cast (GS) PMMA with the laser. When using cast acrylic, you can achieve optimum cut edges and high-contrast engravings. In the contrary, extruded PMMA has less thickness tolerances and is usually cheaper in purchasing. The emerging PMMA vapors during the laser process are easily exhausted and filtered, if requested.

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