Laser cutting and engraving of textiles

Eurolaser offers CO₂ laser cutter especially for textiles
Large format laser systems are ideally suitable for cutting of textiles. Today, modern fabrics, spacer fabrics, fleece and needle felt, as well as glass fiber fabric, thermo-resistant and other technical textiles are cut by lasers. In particular, the contactless processing with the laser beam and the distortion-free cutting involved, as well as the high precision are crucial arguments for the use of laser technology in textile processing.

What are the advantages of laser cutting of textiles?

  • Sealing of cut edges when cutting synthetical textiles (cut & seal process)
  • No fabric distortion – due to contactless processing
  • Precise cutting of very filigree details
  • Less efforts of clearance due to reduced dust production when cutting
  • No tool wear – consistently high cutting quality
  • Processing in all directions – independent of fabric structure

What added value have eurolaser CO₂ laser cutter in textile processing?

  • Less waste due to Nesting Software
  • Data transfer and transmission of external data of other system provider through flexible Software
    packages without any problems
  • Conveyor System for the fully automated laser processing directly from the roll
  • Winding unit for the rolling up of already existing textiles
  • Unique variety of table sizes – suitable for many formats
  • Processing of very big formats by burr-free continuation of cutting
  • Combined processing – possible just on one machine through CO2 laser and Knife
  • Different marking functions
  • Camera recognition for the laser cutting of printed fabrics

Material information for the laser cutting and engraving of textiles:

Textiles can also exist both of natural and of synthetical materials. Typical textiles for cutting by laser are fabrics, knitted fabrics, meshworks, sew fabrics, non-woven fabric and felts. Their main components are fibres which are characterised by a high flexibility and suppleness. Textile products will be used for various purposes. Typical application fields are clothing industry, home textiles, medical technology or decorative fabrics, such as advertising banner and flags. Textiles for industrial use will usually be indicated as technical textiles. Typical examples for the usage of laser technology for cutting in this area are filters, upholstery, heat protection fabrics, textile components in the automotive industry or sails.

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