The Pathfinder M-Series® range of automated fabric cutting machines are known for precision, very high productivity and reliability and lowest power consumption. All 16 models (4 cutting width options x 4 cutting heights) are easily configured to suit most cutting applications. And thanks to clever design, Pathfinder cutters require very little maintenance to continually deliver exceptional cut quality over a long working life.

Advanced CNC oscillating knife cutting technology
There are 16 Models available in the M-Series range of automated fabric cutting machines.
Discover how an automated fabric cutter will maximize your productivity!
Loaded with Standard Features
The M-series cutting system features groundbreaking technologies to ensure your productivity is boosted and profits are maximized.

  • Windows® operating system
  • PathCut® cutter operating software
  • Touch Screen user interface
  • Utility drawer
  • Digital Vacuum control
  • Vacuum Re-sealing blind
  • Dynamic vacuum monitoring & regulation
  • Vacuum exhaust filter
  • Vacuum Economiser® power saving function
  • QuickDraw® automatic diamond sharpening system
  • Automatic bristle cleaning
  • Import standard industry files – DXF, HPGL, ISO RS274d, NTV, ESSI
  • Common line deletion – dynamic ‘on the fly’ calculation
  • Notch identification and transformation
  • Drill hole identification and transformation
  • Cut line proximity awareness
  • Automatic cutting window calculation – ‘Whole piece cutting’ where possible.
  • Zoom & Scroll graphic finger gesture’s
  • Piece & cut order identification
  • Self diagnostics
  • End Cut – Operator programmable
  • Cutting small pieces first – user definable
  • Automatic knife & sharpening stone wear compensation
  • Pre-set cutting parameters
  • Multi-level user access – parameter protection
  • MultiCut™ queuing of nested files
  • QuickPath™ automatic cut piece ordering to reduce dry haul
  • Integration- automatic cut job queuing, cutting list status & Completed marker list
  • Automatic Selvage waste cut at programmable intervals
  • Self Adjusting software parameters optimising cut quality
  • Marker manipulation features, notch selection, rotation, flip, drill ommission, scaling etc
  • Conveyor advance pause – automatic user definable
  • Automatic conveyor load assist – distance & time user definable
  • Automatic pause at piece selected
  • Selection of pieces – do not cut
  • PPR – Pathfinder Proportional Reciprocation
  • Automatic lay width checking
  • System history file – production cut file verification
  • Power Fail Re-start sequence – itegrating intuitive operator prompts
  • Maintenance Manager – automatic reporting of maintenance requirements and schedule
  • Head parking – user definable
  • Units display in metric, imperial/yards and inches
  • Flaw avoidance – automatic piece movement avoiding material flaws
  • Recut – Selection of single piece or from piece number
  • Multi-language supported.

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Customise your auto textile cutter
Options to suit every application

Every Pathfinder cutting machine can be enhanced with options to deliver unparalleled flexibility in production. Pathfinder cnc cutters are utilised in a diverse range of manufacturing applications including: apparel, technical textiles and composites, furniture upholstery, and automotive seating.

Pathfinder offers significant advantages to manufacturers utilising knife cutting in their manufacturing process (clicker press/die cutting, hand knife or electrically driven knife).