Zünd G3 Cutters


Modular design for maximum flexibility

The extraordinary modularity of our cutting solutions is truly unique. You can always make your Zünd G3 system adapt to new requirements with modifications and upgrades. Zünd’s modular design concept lets you put together a tailor-made cutting solution configured to meet specific production needs. Zünd cutters are a safe investment and offer maximum value retention.

Every business has very specific cutting requirements, and Zünd provides the solutions to match them. From the chart below, select an appropriate size for the media you will be processing (or, if you prefer, call us for advice). 11 different models are available.

G3 Cuttersizes information

The Universal Modules are widely applicable carrier modules designed to accommodate many different tools. The versatility of these modules makes configuring the cutting system for specific cutting needs very easy and cost-effective.

Universal Module Large – UM60L
Universal Module Speed & Power – UM-ZS & UM-ZP

One module, many tools, dozens of materials, hundreds of applications: The Universal Module represents the culmination of Zünd’s modular design concept. True to its name, it accommodates all commonly used cutting tools and cuts just about any material – perfectly.

G3 Tools information (1)
G3 Tools information (2)

Time is everything. Maximize your productivity with Zünd automated material handling/advancing. These Zünd automation features are designed to handle an ever-expanding range of materials and applications.
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Production made profitable.
Zünd G3 eliminates the bottlenecks in your finishing department by automating all cutting/trimming functions. Manual cutting, with all inherent costs, potential for mistakes, and lack of efficiency, is reduced to an absolute minimum. With optimized workflow, G3 further boosts productivity.

Versatility and longevity.
No other cutting or routing machine is as flexible or adaptable as G3 with its modular tool concept. G3 cuts materials up to 50 mm/2″ thickness. The selection of sizes, modules, tools, and material-handling options is extensive yet straightforward.

Swiss workmanship, quality, reliability.
G3 cutters from Zünd are specifically designed for 24/7 operation. They offer a unique combination of heavy-duty construction and superb accuracy. The standard 2-year manufacturer`s warranty on the base machine is further evidence of G3`s exceptional quality.

Ergonomics and user-friendliness.
Designed by award-winning industrial designer Richard amiel, G3 provides optimal workflow efficiency with such timesaving features as uninhibited access from all sides, an ergonomically designed control panel, and 60 mm/2,36″ clearance between beam and cutting surface.

Safety and eco-friendliness.
With G3, Zünd has made a conscious effort to set new standards in safety and concern for the environment. All G3 safety features are standard equipment. An integrated variable vacuum system keeps both cost and energy consumption to a minimum.

The Best from the Global Market Leader.
G3 is not only a product of celebrated Swiss workmanship but also of Zünd`s 20 years of innovative digital cutter development and 13,000 installations worldwide. With this latest generation, Zünd as global market leader has developed the world`s most advanced cutting/routing system.