Zünd L3 Cutter


Produce high-quality leather goods

Take your productivity in leather manufacturing to the next level. Process leather, sole, lining, and stencil materials precisely and efficiently with the L3. The cutting system handles even highly complex patterns at exceptionally high speeds. Furthermore, because of its superior precision, time-consuming post-production finishing tasks have become a thing of the past.

L3 cutter overview
The 2 different cutter models of the L3 line let you select the perfect machine size for all your production needs. Our digital cutting systems are intelligent, efficient, and ready for the future.

C-40 Width (in mm) 2300 x Length (in mm) 1000
C-56 Width (in mm) 3240 x Length (in mm) 1000

Driven Rotary Tool – DRT
The Driven Rotary Tool is designed for cutting all manner of textiles reliably and economically. The material is cut with a motor-driven ten-segmented blade. The blade geometry reduces the drag force on the material considerably and also helps cleanly sever thread or fiber. This processing method produces clean, precise cuts even on very loose, coarsely knit materials.

Choice of two RPM setting depending on the application. Also suitable for cutting materials with low melting points.

Electric Oscillating Tool – EOT
The Electric Oscillating Tool is suitable for cutting soft to medium-density materials. The high oscillating frequency enables high processing speed and efficient throughput.

Depending on the application, the EOT is available with 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm stroke. To accommodate different substrates and levels of detail, Zünd offers a wide range of both flat and pointed oscillating blades.

Electric Oscillating Tool – EOT-250
The Electric Oscillating Tool is ideal for efficiently processing materials such as honeycomb display board, thick cardboard, and tough leather. This high-performance tool is equipped with a powerful air-cooled motor. With an extended, 2.5 mm stroke andhigh oscillating frequency, the EOT-250 is capable of processing challenging materials at very high speeds. Zünd offers a wide variety of high-quality blades for use with the EOT-250.

Marker modules
Zünd marking modules accommodate a variety of pen and ink inserts. Typical applications include plotting die-lines with ink on polyester film, marking seams on leather with water-soluble silver pens, and labeling parts or patterns with ballpoint pen. The Marker Module is compatible with all drawing/plotting Inserts available from Zünd.

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Optimize your productivity
Process leather, sole, lining, and stencil materials precisely and efficiently with the L3 cutting system. With the right tool, you can cut leather at speeds of up to one meter/40 in per second. With the L3 you can produce leather goods economically, efficiently, and at premium quality levels.

Efficient and economical
Couches and sectionals, office chairs, car seats, leather steering wheels – Zünd cutting systems are specifically designed for producing top-quality leather goods. Many well-known manufacturers in the leather industry rely on Zünd cutting systems. This is not surprising considering the outstanding performance, low cost of ownership, and easy integration into your workflow ensuring a rapid ROI. At 3240 x 1000 mm /128 x 40 in, the working area of this high-performance leather cutter is perfect for efficiently processing animal hides.

A tailor-made cutting system
Zünd cutting systems are used both in prototyping and production. We can offer you the right solution for your production environment, tailored to your individual needs. With a large variety of tools and a range of sophisticated material-handling solutions, we can guarantee a perfect fit.

Cutting non-stop
The L3 cutter is designed for non-stop operation with loading/unloading and cutting all taking place at the same time. The machine can be set up for two types of production workflows and material handling: With the standard set-up, the entire working area is available for processing once the material is loaded/unloaded; in a tandem set-up, the working area is split into two halves, making it possible to load and unload materials while the machine continues cutting. A green LED strip indicates in which area production has ended and new material can safely be loaded or unloaded.