Zünd S3 Cutters


Modular design for maximum flexibility & speed

Zünd cutting systems are well known for being modular. The super-fast S3 line of cutters is no different – it can be changed, expanded, upgraded any time. Modular tooling allows for processing a wide variety of materials up to a maximum thickness of 25mm/1“. Various levels of automated material-handling turn the S3 into the perfect all-round production system.

An extension at the front of the cutter increases effeciency by providing an area for unloading cut parts without interupting the cutting process. An extension at the back permits loading sheets and boards while the machine is cutting. Together, the extensions provide the perfect setup for non-stop production.


Up to two tool modules can be freely combined. A Camera, Laserpointer, and Marking Module provide additional functionality.

Modules & Tools Applications

All tools shown here can be inserted into the universal module. With the appropriate tool, the S3 can handle many materials, many applications.

Modules & Tools Applications

Each substrate has its own characteristics. To accommodate a wide variety of materials, Zünd offers different types of roll-off devices. Textiles, in particular, require special handling to minimize wrinkles and/or excessive stretch.

Overview Roll Off Systems

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Unrivaled innovation
The S3 is fast, compact, and complies with the highest safety standards. Innovation distinguishes every aspect of this line of cutting systems. A true Swiss Quality Product – uncompromising in precision and design!

Maintenance-free, high-performance direct drive delivers exceptional productivity.

Compact design, space-saving footprint.

S3 exceeds highest safety standards.