CAMSuite/CAD-CAM optimiser

CAMSuite/CAD-CAM optimiser

With CAMSuite, our CAD-CAM optimiser, you have all the facilities you need to create and optimise markers ready for production via import or by digitising the pattern.


With CAMSuite, you can open and edit files in the usual formats like ISO, DXF, HPGL, and afterwards save them again in any of these formats. Both Intelligent and powerful algorithms for boundary detection enable CAMsuite to retrieve all contained patterns even when there boundary lines are spread over different layers in DXF. CAMSuite even succeeds in extracting single patterns from HPGL files so that even data in this format can be used to create markers. Furthermore, the option “AutoNester”, being one of the most efficient programs for the fully automated creation of markers, is at your disposal.

Layouting cutting patterns with ease

Ergonomic and efficient. Manual or fully automatic. With many additional options for optimization always respecting you material-dependent constraints. CAMSuite Supports all common data formats for CAD and CAM. Includes CSV import and ERP connection with simple planning algorithms.