The fastest & easiest way of digitising

Why iDigit?

iDigit is more than just a digitiser. It is a low-footprint camera based system which puts truly professional results within the reach of any user!.
In many aspects iDigit is by far superior to other digitising systems in the market today.


iDigit is the fastest way to digitise patterns today.

iDigit is magnetic board and camera-based, giving it an ultra-low footprint that fits any workspace.

Precise and Accurate
iDigit converts pictures into patterns with all the precision you would expect from the best table digitisers.

Calibration Free
iDigit calibrates itself, making it accessible to any user and eliminating any downtime that manual calibration may cause.

User Friendly
iDigit extremely easy to learn and operate which allows nearly any user to use it with ease.

More Advantages

iDigit is second to none when it comes to reliability. It is extremely forgiving and sustains consistent results even in difficult conditions.

iDigit suits every working environment thanks to it’s flexible configuration. It can be either mounted on a wall or on a special adjustable stand.
You can digitise patterns of any size, any material and color.

Uses magnets instead of tape
iDigit’s magnetic board allows patterns to be fixed on the surface using magnets rather than adhesive tape, protecting your patterns against wear and tear.

Large Pattern Digitising
iDigit makes it easy to digitise oversize patterns using partial digitising technique.

iDigit is compatible with all major CAD/CAM software via Dxf export. Compatible systems include Gerber, Assyst, Lectra, Optitex, Gemini, StyleCAD, Polypattern, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, SolidWorks, Corel Draw, PAD system and many more.

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