Modular software components for your specific requirements

MindCUT Studio Production V5

The Mind software is modular. The MindCut Studio Production basic package contains all the essential functions for the different phases of textile and leather processing. With a variety of additional options, the software can be tailored to individual needs.

Software components for leather cutting

Automatic Leather Capture Light
Precise hide capture of hide contour via camera system.

Automatic Leather Capture
Besides the hide contour, this function also automatically captures previously marked quality zones and flaws in the material.

Interactive Nesting
The user manually lays out the parts on the hide.

Automatic nesting for leather
Fully automatic layout and nesting of parts on the hide. This maximizes material yield while taking into account previously captured quality zones. Alternatively, it is also possible to manually place selected parts and automatically nest the rest.

Simple Automatic Nesting for Synthetics
Fully automated nesting of parts on manufactured, uniformly shaped materials, e.g. synthetic liners.

Software components for textile cutting

Data import
Production/order management via job queue
Schedule view in job queue
Parts parameters

Material selection
Preview of material
Detection and alignment of material

Selection of the production marker
Display of job-specific information

Contour cutting
Cutting templates
Visualization of cut paths
Display of inserted tools

Visual support of picking/sorting

MindGEST product & process management

MindGEST combines order planning, design, production, and reporting data and provides continual cost feedback. Production and processing data can be used for each phase of production:

MindCUT Model Importer
Import and classification of vector data as well as automatic processing according to user-definable parameters.

MindGEST PDM Database
Database for saving digitized materials, nested layouts, cut files, etc.

MindGEST PDM Explorer
Access to MindGEST database from additional/external workstation

For even more information about the MindCUT please visit the manufacturer’s website.