Big, bigger, engraving up to 10 square meter

Big, bigger, engraving up to 10 square meter

Pictures, logos, labels and much more – engraving and marking on various material surfaces.
This is an impressive option!

Laser engraving and marking with a CO2 laser

  • Output of picture files as pixel graphics on the complete working area (up to 3200x2910mm)
  • Vector engraving, raster engraving and vector cutting in one single processing step
  • Using without tool changing
  • No swarf
  • The high quality and output of the ‘normal’ cutting applications remain unaffected.
  • Material does not have to be clamped
  • Abrasion-proof, resistant
  • Available for all systems built after 1st March 2001, setup by our service technicians

Along with 10 other formats, eurolaser also markets the world's largest laser engraving machine.

The principle is similar to that of an inkjet printer. The concentrated laser beam is responsible for a possible change in surface contrast and therefore for generating an image in the form of a slight surface relief.

Pixel laser engravings enhance the possibilities of

  • Product identification
  • Protection against fakes
  • Identification
  • Individualisation

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