Modern and efficient CAD system

Modern and efficient CAD system

PreCAM® is a modern and efficient CAD system developed and optimized for any requirements of furniture and technical textile industries. PreCAM® is easy to learn, easy to use and holds perfect technical integration. You will love to work with it. Try it and see for yourself!

The market for CAD-systems is huge, diverse and almost unmanageable. On the one hand, there are universally usable CAD-systems which offer a huge amount of standard functions but in most cases don´t offer industry-sector-specific functions. On the other hand, there is also a considerable amount of specialized CAD systems on the market, targeting to industries working with flexible textile or technical material. Characteristic for the CAD system market is that over the last years more and more CAD systems from low-wage-countries have gained market shares. This surely has made the market more dynamic but also even more confusing. In addition to that, the product´s quality has changed for the worse.

Instead of concentration on essential features and maximum quality, many CAD-producers think, customers might be attracted by products which offer a huge number of functions. We don´t think so. We provide maximum quality and performance for minimum effort. This is the philosophy and foundation of PreCAM®. For low effort means low costs and high quality means high profit. This is the simple formula for our CAD system which is dedicated to the needs and requirements of the soft-goods industry.

Furthermore PreCAM® supports any industry-standard formats like DXF, HPGL, ISO-Cutfile etc. Over and above PreCAM® also supports a proprietary format for perfect interaction with other IsoDev products like CamSuite to do interactive and automatic nesting or WingMan on the cutter.

Stencils and models in the blink of an eye

A CAD/PDS system optimized for the requirements of the furniture industry and the processing of technical materials. Automatic photo-digitizing, designing and modifying patterns for cutting. Efficient operation, customized functions, easy to learn and perfect technical integration. This Makes your work in the CAD department most efficient.