Flexible Application

Flexible Application

Wingman is the perfect application to control your cutter. With flexibility being its biggest asset, WingMan supports the majority of the best known cutter types around, like Zund, Aristo, Lectra.

Wingman is powerful yet easy to use plus it can operate with all the major file formats like ISO (RS274D), DXF, HPGL and even Lectra.

Complete parameter

Complete parameter sets (speed, acceleration, etc.) can be stored for as many different materials as you require. These sets can be easily recalled at any time. So it is very easy to ensure that the proper settings are used to achieve the optimum cutting results every time. In particular the re-cut and re-start functions with their fully automatic optimisation of pieces enable you to cut down on costly material wastage, ensuring maximum material utilisation is maintained.

The very intuitive user interface with its clear menu structure makes it quick and easy to learn. The optional use of a touch screen monitor renders the mouse almost redundant, which is of great benefit as the workspace is very limited on the cutter in the vicinity of the monitor.

The Wingman utility provides great additional features which help you save time, money and improve product quality. Once purchased you will wonder how you ever managed without it.


The information center for sorting.
Using a beamer or a wide screen monitor. All the information required for offloading and sorting the cut parts is always available at the cutter. This speeds up the process and minimizes the risk of errors.


Labeling by hand – the simplest way to do it.
Every part has its own label. The printer prints it, the projector shows it. The label just printed is quickly attached during the sorting process.