Zünd Connect

Optimizing the digital cutting process

Performance data at a glance

Zünd Connect gives you access to relevant key figures on factors like capacity, availability and overall equipment effectiveness. These key performance indicators provide transparency and pinpoint potential for optimization in your production workflow. Downtimes, machine capacity and causes of interruptions are conveniently displayed on the dashboard.

High Productivity

High machine availability and productivity are essential for profitable digital cutting. This is where Zünd Connect comes in. The web-based monitoring tool provides cutter performance data at a glance, at all times. With Zünd Connect, you have access to reliable key performance indicators you can use to make your production workflow even more productive.

Reasons for Zünd Connect

  • Zünd Connect – helps pinpoint areas in the production workflow that show potential for improvement.
  • Zünd Connect – provides a visual representation of how frequently different materials, tools, methods, or tool inserts were used and identify possible sources of errors.
  • Zünd Connect – offers answers to questions, such as “When do interruptions occur most often?”, “When are there periods of unused machine capacity?”, and “How much time is spent in setup and switchovers?”
  • Zünd Connect helps you identify shifts that might benefit from additional training.
  • Zünd Connect helps you recognize patterns in frequently occurring interruptions.
  • Zünd Connect identifies the potential need for additional personnel or for adding additional automation features to existing cutting equipment.

Zünd Connect is available in a “Monitor” and an “Analyzer” version. It is compatible with the cutter software up to ZCC Version 3.5.x.

As the name suggests, the “Monitor” version consists of a graphic display of Overall Equipment Efficiency and is available for free for all ZCC users.

“Analyzer” provides the user with tools to analyze production data and identify the source of losses. “Analyzer” makes it possible to analyze the cutting workflow and develop recommendations for improvements.

For even more information about the Zünd Connect please visit the manufacturer’s website.